Schussboomers Ski Club
 Schussboomers Ski Club
P.O. Box 177
Eatontown, NJ 07724

May 1 2004

 Fort Monmouth, NJ

 Vol. 35, No.?

May Meeting
The Schussboomers annual business meeting will be held on May 4th at Gibbs Hall, Fort Monmouth. Our new officers will be installed. Summer events and next year’s ski trip schedule will be discussed

Election Results
The new officers for the 2004-2005 season were elected at the April meeting. They are:
President: Dave Sanderson
Vice President: Louis Welfare
Treasurer until August: John Hovendon
Treasurer after August: Selvin Gumbs
Secretary: Sagan Sanderson
Membership Chairman: Dave Makow
Program Chairman: Barbara Gebhardt
Ski Trip Chairman: Dave Bleakney

All Memberships expire in May so the May 5th meeting is the perfect time to renew.

Barbara Compton is looking into a Dinner Theater evening for later in the summer. Barbara Gebhardt is looking at other activities

Ski Trips
All trips went as scheduled this year. Some were filled to capacity. and some were at less than the break even point. For the year as a whole we came out just about even.
We hope to come up with a tentative schedule for next year’s day trips, at the May meeting. The Comptons will be running a western trip again next year in February, and Dave Sanderson will be running the always popular Mt. Blanc, Canada trip, probably the last week in January. The Ski Trip Chairman is looking for your Ideas for additional trips and is always looking for volunteers to run a trip.

Mailing Lists
As you have no doubt noticed, the busy schedules of our officers have made it increasingly difficult to get paper copies of the news letters mailed out to all the members in a timely manner. We ask everyone who can, to please sign up for our email lists, so that you will get all the information in a timely manner, and make it that much less of a burden to get paper mailings out to those who do not have email. To sign up for our email list go to: