Schussboomers Ski Club
 Schussboomers Ski Club
P.O. Box 177
Eatontown, NJ 07724

 21 September 2001

 Fort Monmouth, NJ

 Vol. 33, No. 03

When: 2 Oct @ 7:30 pm
Where: Attilio's

Our condolences to Janet McGuire and other family members of Elmer Blumel, who passed away earlier this month. Elmer was the oldest member of the Club, an expert skier, and a great ski companion. He is sorely missed.

The annual picnic was held on Sept 4th this year. Food was
good and attendees enjoyed the evening.

My records indicate that 35 of our last year's memberships have not renewed
for the '01 - '02 season -- please get those renewals in.

Ski Trips:
Our Ski Trip Chairman (and recent retiree),
Otto Schoenberger, has established our weekday ski schedule. It starts 12
Dec 01 with a trip to Hunter Mountain.

Our '01 - '02 season trip schedule is attached.

The trip schedule will also appear on our web site (

The Canadian trip to Mont Blanc is set for 20 - 25 Jan '02. Specific info is

The Western trip to Telluride, CO, is set for 23 Feb '02 - 2 Mar '02. For
information, call Bobbi Compton at (732) 741-8867.

We pray for a speedy recovery of Arle Dye, another of our members who is on
the mend after bypass surgery (a sad note -- he has been told that he must
give up hunting and skiing, two of his favorite activities). Likewise, Dick
Allen, a ski companion from the West Long Branch Ski Club, is headed for a
quadruple bypass.

See you on the 2nd of October.

For the Executive Committe,

John Hovendon, Treasurer