The Schussboomers Ski Club

29 January 2000            Fort Monmouth, NJ            Vol. 31, No. 9

When: 1 & 15 Feb (1st and 3rd Tuesdays), 7:30 pm
Where: Gibbs Hall (main level)

Our Feb dinner meeting will be on the 1st Tuesday. Bobbi has made
reservations for 16 people for beef and burgundy at the club. Tues., 1 Feb
00, 6:00 pm. Cost will be $12.00 pp.

Our 1st two scheduled day trips, to Hunter and Windham respectively, were
VERY forgettable -- #1 No snow, no people, trip cancelled, and #2 Little snow, few
people and snowmaking in your face. As Otto said, "It ain't nice," when asked about the
26 Jan trip to Windham went off the day after Big Snow Drop -- a few people didn't
brave the elements, but those who did, had a great day of skiing.

Mt. Blanc trip (23 - 28 Jan 00) -- As usual, it was a good trip (Pete didn't
snore TOO much!). When I mentioned a "cool" Canadian trip in the last
newsletter, I hadn't expected to be so literal! But it was cool in the
morning, cooler in the afternoon, and cold, cold, cold in the evening, and it
stayed that way thru Thursday. The snow was great, NOBODY missed a meal, and
'twas good company all around. Several went to Mt. Tremblant for a day or two to
enjoy the longer runs!

Windham trip (9 Feb 00) -- is ready for skiers -- Janet Griffin is the one to
contact at 918-0545. The snow is there.

Snowmass trip (12-19 Feb 00) is a GO!

3-day New Hampshire trip is 4-6 Mar 00. Still looking for a few more participants.
Cost is $300 pp. Call Barbara Gebhardt at 946-2647 for more info.

Windham trip (1 Mar 00) Otto is the P.O.C.


For the Executive Committee,

John Hovendon, Treasurer