The Schussboomers Ski Club

27 December 1999            Fort Monmouth, NJ            Vol. 31, No. 8

When: 4 & 18 Jan (1st and 3rd Tuesdays) @ 7:30 PM
Where: Gibbs Hall (Main Level)

CLUB BUSINESS: Club information is on our web site: Hope you all had festive family gatherings during the past few weeks and got a new stock of skiing goodies -- the snow is on its way!! Our next dinner meeting will be the 1st Tuesday in February -- put the date on your calendar. Tuesday, 1 Feb 00, 6 p.m. Cost will be $12.00 pp.

SKI TRIPS: With much regret, the first scheduled trip of the year to Hunter Mountain (15 Dec) had to be canceled -- lack of interest and poor snow coverage. Academy transferred the funds to the 3rd scheduled trip (Windham -- 26 Jan) so we didn't lose any money on the cancellation.
WINDHAM TRIP (5 Jan 00) -- Dave reports that he has 19 people signed up as of today, and Windham has established a good base thanks to the current cold snap.
WINDHAM TRIP (26 Jan 00) -- Otto Schoenberger is taking reservations. Sign up. Call 427-4130.
MT BLANC TRIP (23 - 28 Jan 00) -- I've got 15 people ready for the Canadian adventure -- if you get the urge for a "cool," enjoyable Canadian trip, give me a buzz at 542-1838. It's only $375 pp.
SNOWMASS TRIP (12 - 19 Feb 00) is a GO.
The NEW HAMPSHIRE TRIP (4-6 Mar 00) has been resuscitated. A transfusion of people has upgraded the earlier prognosis. So get your reservations in early with a nonrefundable $55 deposit. Barbara has lowered the trip cost to $300.00 pp. For more information, call Barbara Gebhardt at (732) 946-2647.

HAVE A HAPPY, HEALTHY NEW YEAR!! See you on the 4th day of 2000.

For the Executive Committee

John Hovendon, Treasurer