The Schussboomers Ski Club

 24 April 2000

 Fort Monmouth, NJ

 Vol. 31, No. 12

May Meeting:
When: 2 May (1st Tues.), 7:30 pm
Where: Gibbs Hall (Main Level)

The May 2nd meeting will be a dinner meeting. Bobbi Compton is making
reservations for 20 people for beef and burgundy at the Club, 6 pm, cost $12 pp.
Dinner will be followed by the annual business meeting which includes the installation of officers for the 2000 - 2001 season.

Club Business:
The annual election was held at the 18 April 00 meeting. No absentee ballots
were distributed because there were no contested positions.

The officers for the 2000/2001 season (affirmed and given loud acclaim by the 7 members in attendance) are:

President: Bobbi Compton
Vice-President: Dave Sanderson
Treasurer: John Hovendon
Secretary: Carol Sagui
Program Chairperson: Barbara Metcalfe
Ski Trip Chairman: Otto Schoenberger
Membership Chair tasks will be distributed as follows:
Mailing and Voting List: Barbara Gebhardt
Collect Dues and Issue Membership Cards: John Hovendon
Publish Newsletter:
Hard Copy: John Hovendon
Web Site: Gina DeMarco
Web Master: Dave Sanderson

All memberships come due on 1 May 2000
The May 2nd meeting is a perfect time to renew
Dues are still $10.00 per year (individual or family)

Constitutional Amendments:
After discussion at the last two meetings, the executive council has proposed
4 amendments to the club's constitution. A copy of the current constitution,
the 4 amendments and explanation of the reasons for each is being sent to
each member. On the last page of the book is a ballot. A special meeting
will be held May 16th to count the ballots. No other business will be
transacted at this meeting so members need attend only if they wish to cast
their ballot in person. All others may give their ballot to any officer to
send it to the club at:

PO Box 177, Eatontown, NJ 07724